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Do you like and appreciate a good, well served Real Ale?

Do you know of a pub in the North Notts area that does just that?

Have you been to a pub that's served you the worst pint you've ever had?

The North Notts Branch wants to know what you think to any of the pubs in our area. Use the form below to give us some more details about your visit. What we want to know is your rating of the quality of beer that is served there.

Your information will be used by the Branch to choose the pubs that will be entered into the next Good Beer Guide. Every pub in the Guide is researched by any one of CAMRA's 80,000+ members.

Remember, you are scoring the quality of the beers that are served. If a landlord keeps their beer well, then the quality of the rest of the pub is normally of a similarly high standard.

This is not part of the official CAMRA Beer Scoring Scheme. Visit for the offical site.

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